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Hi, I’m Paul. I’m an adventurer by day and champion by night.

This website is my journal. It shares the stories, photos, & videos of my adventures. It will profile of the people I meet, places I go, and I’ll write articles about subjects I’m interested in like technology, the web, money, & travelling.

Hell yeah! Sounds like a blast.

I’ll start by getting the originals together for publish–like when I explored Thailand, lived in Vegas, and dated a Japanese celebrity. I’ll also post some classics like the mystery of the Breakfast Bandits, the haunted Denny’s, and the time I saved my best-friend from being hit by a speeding bus then later almost got him killed by one.

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Stop what you’re doing real quick and click on the links right above this and add me as a friend everywhere you can. Tell everyone you know about me. I’d do it for you (seriously, just ask).

* * * * *

Hey listen up Future Adventure Paul.. (everyone else quit reading.) When keeping up with this website becomes a challenge which will most likely be immediately–remember, quit being a pussy and start adventuring. Since you’ll forget you wrote this also immediately, the next time you read this should give you some inspiration.

Are you still reading? I thought I told you to quit unless you were future me…

But since you’ve made it this far, continue reading the whole site. Thanks!

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