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Adventure Paul's Bucket ListBelow is my bucket list of things I want to do. The purpose of having a list like this is to put my goals out there to the world so that they are more likely to come true.

The items on the list appear in no particular order and I add to the list in random places. I won’t remove anything after I do it, but rather, link to blog posts where I accomplish these things. If you can help me cross off an item on this list, Contact Me.

Adventure Paul’s Bucket List

Live in a Church

I’ve always wanted to live in an old refurbished church somewhere in the world ever since I watched The Talented Mr. Ripley when I was a kid. Like this one I came across in Nicaragua.

Church in Nicaragua

World’s Longest Urban Zip Line

This looks amazing.. it’s in Panama City. Would you do it?

Windsuit Flying

My dream is to fly, like Superman, but that’s not a reality yet. Windsuit Flying and/or Hang Gliding are the closest things I feel that I can get to flying right now. If you know of another way to fly, please let me know.

Impromptu Public Performance of The Confrontation (Les Miserables)

I always wished I had a male friend who was into Les Mis as much as me so that we could do this, but it hasn’t happened yet. Be my friend if you are, please. One day my friend Jocelyn showed me this and I was like “Whaaaat??? I wish Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel were my friends!”

Spartan Race

My friend Kenneth is like a Spartan Champion. He’s done tons of these races, but I’ve yet to do one. Partly is because I never know where I’ll be 3 months form now, so it’s hard to plan a race. I should go ahead and commit to one for better or worse and make it happen.

Read 60 Books a year

I read recently (whether it’s true or not, who cares) that a CEO in America reads an average of 60 books a year. I’m going to do that too.

Stack of Books

Join a Barbershop Quartet

I’ve always wanted to be able to break into an acapella version of my favorite songs with my friends, but it’s never happened. Maybe I need new friends?

Sky Diving

What’s weird is that I’m more excited about squirrel suit flying or hang gliding than sky diving, but I want to do it anyway. I want to do all 3 things. I just like the idea of “flying” versus “falling” better, but I won’t know what I like better until I try.

Perform Amateur Stand-up Comedy at Open Mic

My mom, Debi Drecksler, has performed stand-up comedy. I want to try it too. I have a few 5 minute acts written for when the day comes.

Dress Completely In Disguise and Do Something Crazy

I feel that the ability to dress in disguise as someone else completely is one of the greatest things that is missing from my life. I’d like to take the expression, “Walk a mile in your shoes” to a new level.

Dress in Disguise

Kite Surfing

I can’t swim very well and surfing doesn’t appeal to me, but Kite Surfing looks awesome! Alternatively, so would hang gliding with a surf board attached to my feet.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

As you can tell, I like to be up in the air. Perhaps I’ll wind surf out of a hot air balloon one day and check off two items on my bucket list at one time.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Own/Ride a Wheelman

Right? These things look awesome! Although I added this to my bucket list years ago, and since then my desire for a Wheelman has been replaced by.. (read the next item on my bucket list to find out)

Own/Ride a Hoverbike

Give it to me! I want it! Did you see the Kickstarter video for these guys creating a hoverbike? At first they are just producing mini-versions (drones) but hopefully soon they will have life-size people versions of these things that I can have. I can’t wait!

Be Interviewed on a TV Talk Show

I better do something important first!

Go to Philippines

Why hasn’t this happened yet? I’ve been talking about it for years. I keep trying to, but then I end up somewhere else in the world.

Tosh.0 Audience

I should’ve done this when I was living in Los Angeles. Now it’ll be harder as I’m in a different country completely. But maybe when I’m back visiting or living in Los Angeles I can check it out if Tosh.0 is still on the air.

Ellen Show Audience

I did this with my friends Nicole and Brittany in September 2013!

Appear on the Ellen show

Appear on Price is Right

I did this with Team Awesome in 2013!

Team Awesome on Price is Right

And my college best friend Scott got to compete on the show and won!

Scott on Price is Right

Go to a party at the Playboy Mansion

This is like a right of passage for all men. Going to a party at the Playboy Mansion will be like my Bar Mitzvah into manhood.

Summer Party at the Playboy Mansion

Run 5k & 10k

– on different days

So far I’ve just done the 5k!

Give a TED or TEDx Talk

I had the privilege of attending a TedX Managua in 2014 and seeing my friend Rosario present.

2014-09-27 14.12.07-1

But one day, I’d like to give a TED Talk. Perhaps it’ll be on the subject of Choosing Adventure?

Here’s one of my favorite TED Talks:

Scuba Diving

I did this in a pool in November 2013! Turns out I can’t do real scuba diving because of a problem with my inner ears (clogged eustachian tubes). But the training was a fun experience.

Scuba diving training in a pool

Ride Tandem Bicycle

When I lived in Woodland Hills, CA I would wake up every morning and jog 5 miles at the park by my house. A few times a week I’d see an old woman struggling to ride a tandem bicycle alone. Every time I saw her I’d say, “When I finish these 5 miles, if she’s still here, I’m going to be her partner rider.” But she was never there when I finished. Bless her heart! But one day I will ride a tandem bicycle with someone else in her honor.

Trampoline World

My friend Julie informed me that a new place like this opened up in Santa Barbara, CA, so next time I visit my friends there, we might have to jump, jump! Adventure PAUL will make you want to jump, jump!

Publish a book

Done! Check out my new books Crazy Dog Owner (2016) and Crazy Cat Owner (2016).

In 2012, I also co-wrote an e-book with my real estate partner Scott called California Real Estate: How To Pay Significantly Less Than Your Neighbors & Avoid Costly Mistakes

Hollywood Clubbing

Don’t do it! It kind of sucks. haha. Night clubs aren’t really my thing…

Watch Les Miserables live

I’ve read the book, listened to the music, loved the Les Miserables Movie (2012), but I’ve never seen the musical in theater. I grew up with my dad listening to Les Mis on tape all the time when he washed his cars, and I listen to it on mp3 a few times a year when I work.

Go Hang Gliding

I would write Go Hang Gliding but so far I’ve only done my first lesson, so that doesn’t count. I never got more than 15 feet off the ground. I’ll put a strikethrough this one when I actually go hang gliding.

Hang Gliding

Attend Temples & Synagogues Around The World

I’ve attended all sorts of Jewish temples, synagogues, and chabad houses around the world and will continue to. I love to visit new church’s of all kinds. So invite me to your church!

Jewish Temples & Synagogues in Los Angeles

Harmonica Lesson

I play all the time, but I mostly make up my own diddles, or try to replicate songs I know. A few lessons would point me in the right direction and up my harmonica game.

Visit Cory in Washington

I did this in September 2013!

Climbing Mt Ranier

We also went to Seattle and visited the first ever Starbucks.

Adventure Paul in Seattle at First Starbucks

Sing a song with a street performer

I’m not the greatest at remembering lyrics, so this bucket list challenge is going to be hard!

Dress up as bum and street pander for money

I want to see what life is like through other people’s eyes.

An ex-girlfriend and I got into a fight about this one time. One weekend I said, “Let’s each write 5 things on a piece of paper that we’d like to do this weekend and then compare notes.” Well, one of my items was “dress up as a bum and street pander for money.”

She was like, “That’s ridiculous! Why would you do that? Why take from someone else who needs it?” She was genuinely mad.

My argument was that we didn’t have to keep the money. We could totally use it to feed hungry people or some other noble act. My other point of debate was that she acted as if there is a finite supply of money. For example, if there were 2 bums on the street pandering for money and each made $45, then adding me as a 3rd bum would mean each would only get $30. And I disagree with that entirely. Everyone has a story to tell, and one story doesn’t necessarily take away from another. In fact, maybe the opposite would be true, and my pandering would actually help the other two hypothetical bums make more money too.

Either way–it’ll happen.

Take 1,000 pictures w/ 1,000 people

I’m probably close to this goal by now! I take A LOT of photos with people I know / just met / don’t know.

See More Photos of Adventure Paul on Facebook

Tour a home worth over $20 million dollars

I’ve never been in a home that expensive before, but lots of time to make this one happen.

See: Top 10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale in California

Create a balloon suit and fill with helium.

Then see if I can jump super high and float a little.

Star in a TV Commercial

*Kind of did that, but I wasn’t the *STAR* (see below)

See: As Seen On TV Adventure Paul

Break a Guinness World Record

I’m not sure which record I will break yet.. but this sounds like the type of challenge for me. I am world record material. Note: Thanks Robin for the suggestion!

Get body to look like Ryan Gosling’s

*Working on this one. See: How To Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days

Learn to Roll Sushi from a Pro

I’ve rolled sushi in the past, but I want to work with a professional sushi chef and take my skills to the next level. Find me the Mr. Miyagi of sushi rolling and let’s wax-on wax-off!


Any ideas of what I should add to that list? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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