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bele-chere-5kThis morning at 8am I ran the Bele Chere 5k Race in downtown Asheville. This was the first race I’ve run since middle school track–my time was 44:50. For those of you who don’t know–5k is about 3 miles.

Kenny was at the front of the race–finished in 20:16. I kept up with Neile until mile #2–then she got ahead. I power walked half of the second mile because it was all uphill. Then I finished the last mile strong.

Why did you run a 5k race?

1. Kenny Haas peer pressured me into being healthy TODAY and not putting it off till tomorrow.

2. I’m running out of ways to impress Neile.

3. When my phone rang at 7am this morning–“Are you coming?” I knew I’d feel like a Big Bertha if I stayed in bed.

How did this all come about for Adventure Paul?

Yesterday Neile and I joined Kenny Haas for a barbecue at his house in Hawcreek. Both Neile and Kenny had to register for the 5k before 8pm–I tried to do my part and drive them down to the registration, but it wasn’t enough. Immediately the “you should run” started.

I didn’t register–sorry Bele Chere 5k–I didn’t have the money with me or the confidence that I’d actually show in the morning. The rest of the night was spent with a straight face switching between telling Neile I was going, not going, going, not going–until she didn’t care anymore.

How do you feel now that you’ve finished the race?

I am a champion.

Will you run another?

Hell yeah–let’s go. Adventure Paul plans on doing all sorts of extreme exercise in this life. I could just use a little motivation right now to get started. Thanks Kenneth and Neile.

What else is going on today?

Don’t forget to visit Liza’s Reef at Bele Chere this weekend. I passed by Lee Pantas’s booth this morning during the race. It is on the corner of Broadway and Eagle St near the New French Bar.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Adventure Paul

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