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As Seen On TV Hat

As Seen On TV Hat

Recently I starred in a commercial with well-known Actress Nicole. I had to apologize afterwards to her and the other seasoned actors on set for “stealing the spotlight”–but put a camera in front of me and it just comes out.

After my television debut I decided to become a full-time aspiring actor–that is, a food server.

Here are my reasons why acting is my destiny.

1. I get to repeat the same line over and over again for an hour. Everyone knows that I love repeating things–especially jokes. My philosophy has always been “I don’t make new jokes, I make new friends.”

2. People tell me “good job” even though my acting is miserable. I like being praised. Now that I’m a star–that means I get two trailers.

3. Women are attracted to male actors more than say, male ballerinas.

4. Recognition. Soon my face will be everywhere. When people start pointing and staring in public–it won’t be because I have a booger or toilet paper hanging from my pants–but because I’m an actor “who was in that thing, I can’t remember.”

If anyone asks “don’t I know you?” I’ll just keep up the tradition of when I was in Hollywood earlier this year. “Yeah I’m Josh Byrne–I played Brendan on Step by Step.” If it works, it’s accepted as truth.

I’ll post the commercial after it airs. For now check out some of Nicole’s previous work.

Update 6-20-2010

Here it is! Look for me at 23 seconds, 1 min 39 secs, and  1 min 50 secs.

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