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Last year I told the story of my and Cory’s experience in Bakers CA. (See: A Ghost Story in Bakers CA)

We had been traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when we came across this haunted town.

When I wrote the story, I was a few weeks away from potentially driving right past Bakers as I was making my way out west. I ended the story debating to myself whether I was going to stop in the spooky town or go out of my way to drive past it. As an adventurer, the answer was obvious.

I pulled off the exit and found the Denny’s, but nothing looked familiar when I walked in. A waitress informed me that ownership of the restaurant had changed. This was now the Denny’s and the old Denny’s location was now an iHOP.

Denny's in Bakers CA

A few blocks down the road I came across the iHOP. This looked more familiar already.

Haunted IHOP in Bakers CA

I walk inside… yeah, this is what I remember.

Inside the haunted IHOP in Bakers CA

I ask a waitress working, “Excuse me.. did you all build a new restroom in the front of the restaurant?”

She was Mexican and spoke with an accent. Watch as I recreate that accent visually.

Waitress: “Yez, dey build new bathroom many years ago.”

Adventure Paul: “Why?”

Waitress: “Old bathroom spooky. We no want to go in there anymore.”

Adventure Paul: “Why, because it’s haunted?”

Waitress: “Me no know. But employees go in there and it make spooky noises and bathroom doors swing.”

Adventure Paul: “Can I go inside?”

Waitress: “No no, it is locked up.”

Adventure Paul: “Can I go inside? Can you get the key?”

Haunted Bathroom is Blocked off

She finds the manager who questions why I’m here. I explain to her the story of last year and how I wanted to take some photos and possibly get a hold of the waitress from years ago. She got the key, let me in, but wouldn’t walk past the door with me.

Adventure Paul in a Haunted Bathroom

I could exaggerate to make the story more interesting, but I won’t, because real spooky $&@* started happening. Just like she had said, the stall door started to creak.
Haunted Bathroom

From the outside wall I started hearing thump, thump, thump real loud. When I left, I went around the back of the restaurant to investigate the outside wall.. maybe there was a furnace or pump making the noise. But there wasn’t.

Haunted Bathroom in California

I’m weird and I started talking to whatever was in the room.

Adventure Paul: “Hi, remember me? I was here a few year ago. No-one has visited for a while have they? I’m not afraid of you, so you can stop making all these noises.”

I felt wind blow across my face–pretty weird in a bathroom with no windows.

I left the bathroom and thanked the manager for allowing me inside. Then I started drilling her with questions.

Adventure Paul: “Do you often see ghosts here?”

Manager: “No, not really.”

Adventure Paul: “Why did you close that bathroom then? Is it because it’s haunted?’

Manager: “No, it was just old, so the owner wanted to build a new one.”

Adventure Paul: “That seems weird. Wouldn’t he have just renovated it instead? Your waitress told me it was spooky. Is that why you closed it?”

Manager: “I don’t think so.”

AP: “Who is Chicano David?”

Manager: “How do you know that name?”

AP: “I don’t know. (I didn’t know) Who is he?”

Manager: “Chicano David is what they used to call this man who worked here. He was hit by a car years ago right in front of the store and died.”

AP: “What was the waitress’s name who served me here years ago?”

Manager: “I can’t tell you that.”

AP: “But Chicano David was in love with her, wasn’t he?”

Manager: “How do you know that?”

AP: “She told me. She said he made her husband leave.”

Manager: “Chicano David was her husband.”

She wouldn’t give me any more information, so I left my card with her and asked that she please pass my contact info along to the waitress from years ago. If she felt like contacting me, I’d love to talk to her.

I exited iHOP and walked around the building. To the left was the old abandoned lot where the gas station used to be. They had never rebuilt since the incident with the sheriff killing those kids years ago. I walked to the gas station on the other side of the restaurant to ask some more questions.

The woman behind the counter, Mona, was older. She told me she had been working there for 14 years and remembered Chicano David and the day he was killed. I continued to ask more questions but for some reason she was also reluctant to answer. I persisted.

AP: “Who was the woman that was married to Chicano David? Does she still live and work here?”

Mona turns to the other employee, a young Hispanic man in his twenties, and starts to speak in Spanish.

AP: “What bar are you talking about? I don’t see a bar?”

She is surprised I understood and loosens up a bit. Mona tells me that at one time there was a bar in the building next door, but when Denny’s took over the location, they closed the bar. It was still there, boarded up shut, and no-one had been inside for years.

Other employee: “I knew Chicano David too. He taught me how to cook.. taught me everything. There’s a picture of him in that bar and people say when you see it, his eyes follow you across the room.”

I return to Denny’s and speak to the manager again.

AP: “There’s a bar inside this restaurant?”

Manager: “There used to be one but they closed it a long time ago.”

AP: “Can I go inside?”

She has figured out at this point that I am not quitting and says, “Fine.”

Old Abandoned Bar in the back of IHOP

Nothing had been moved in years. A thick layer of dust covered the bar, shelves, floor, and chairs.

Manager: “When Chicano David passed away, they spread his ashes across the street and in this very bar.”

She points to a picture.. “That’s him.”

Chicano David

I thanked the manager for her hospitality and left the restaurant. I felt satisfied that I had discovered more about my crazy experience from years ago. However, I didn’t feel like I had a conclusion.

Why did the waitress from years ago NOT tell me that Chicano David was her husband? Why was everyone so reluctant to talk about the bathroom in IHOP? Why did they spread his ashes across a street and a bar? And where is this waitress from years ago?

The weird thing about Bakers CA  is that you can only see part of it. I described Bakers last year as a “one road town” but this time I found out that I can’t see most of the town–the houses are hidden from view. What is this city?

Hopefully one day, we can all know the thrilling conclusion to A Ghost Story in Bakers CA… whatever it may be.

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