Where is the Pawn Stars store?

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas

Have you seen the History Channel Show “Pawn Stars”? It’s a reality television show about a family owned pawn store in the heart of Las Vegas NV. It’s a very good show that I just recently started watching when I was in LA these past few months.

My friend Cory requested that while I was in Vegas, I visit the actual store location where the show is filmed–and since I love the show and love new adventures–I was happy to comply.

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop was started in 1988 by Richard Harrison (known on the show as “The Old Man”) and his son Rick Harrison. Rick’s son Corey, who has worked there since childhood, is being groomed to one day take over the shop. These guys know everything about everything–and if they don’t, they know the right guy or lady to call for advice. If you’ve seen the show, you know what I’m talking about.

Erin, Adventure Paul, and ClaireI went to Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with my new friends Claire and Erin. The store is located at 713 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89101-6755. The store number is (702) 385-7912 if you needed to reach them, but otherwise just stop by because they are open 24 hours!

My plan was to try and sell a signed Adventure Paul photo to the Pawn Stars. Just like every other customer who are interviewed outside the pawn shop, I was going to say, “I aint taking a penny less than $8,000!” Then, like most of them, I’d accept next to nothing.

See, my goal was to put a value on my autograph. If Pawn Stars had offered me twenty five cents, I would have happily accepted. My idea is that, once a value is set, it can only go up from here!

I’d like to say, “Just my luck, they were shooting off location the day I arrived,” however, I can’t honestly say that because I have incredible luck. I’m like the number 7. It’s almost as if I make all decisions by flipping a two-headed quarter.

Claire had brought with her an old card game from her mom called “37”–still in the original box with all pieces and the instruction manual. We couldn’t find much information about it online and thought, “The Old Man will probably know exactly what this game is.”

The gentleman working said, “Not sure what this game is about, but if you’d like, they will be back in the store on Tuesday.”

Pawn Stars - History.comI took some time to walk around the store and talk to some of the customers. At one point, an employee of the store asks another worker, “Do you know how much this watch costs?”

Another  customer and I look at each other, and he says to me, “I recognize that watch from the show!”

“Me too!” I exclaimed, “That’s the watch for pilots–if you pull the emergency rescue knob, it’s a $50,000 fine!” (Anyone remember that watch?)

By Tuesday, another adventure had come my way and I was long gone from Vegas. Sorry Cory, I tried–and I promise, I will return. Hopefully when I do, an autographed Adventure Paul photo will demand a little more than $0.25 because I aint taking less than $0.50!
World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Pawn Stars Location - Las Vegas

Pawn Stars on the History Channel
Items from Pawn Stars - Las Vegas NV



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  • Mitchell93636

    Nothing like taking the Groom to Pawn Stars before his wedding. Only in Las Vegas.

  • Cory

    Good enough Paul, good enough.

  • Once Mitchell, I proposed to a girl in a bar in downtown Reno after singing karaoke.. Only one person came up, congratulated us, and bought us a drink. Thinking to myself, “In Asheville, EVERYONE would have congratulated us!” but then I realized, “It’s Reno.. no-one cares!”

    This was emphasized a few minutes later when a girl came up and whispered in my ear, “I just got married today but we haven’t told our family yet!” Marriage is a dime a dozen in Reno. haha.

    It was nice to meet you two–thanks for the photo!

  • Last things to do to make you happy is write the conclusion to the Ghost Story in Bakers CA–from when I re-visited several months ago… and I need to put up an Adventure Paul cut-out before you go on vacation! You’re the man and thanks always for your AP support.

  • The Real Cory

    Cory, I do believe you are trying to steal my thunder here. That was good, and I look forward to the conclusion. Great work on the Bakers story. Loved it. Keep them coming, and I look forward to the cutout

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  • T0nyCr

    Anybody remember the trademark of pilot’s watch, please ?

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