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Paul is a breath of fresh air. His knowledge for online marketing and web design is up to date and he can think outside the box. He takes the time for initial discovery and is passionate about creating the right look, feel and message for success. I highly recommend him.

Julie McGloin

Paul was referenced to DC Autocraft earlier this year as the decision was made to rethink and re-vamp our company website. Paul was introduced to us simply as “a guy who knows what he is doing” when it comes to building a website.

Since we are in the auto industry, not the web or IT world, we thought that this means he is capable of building a really good, fancy and classy website. Within our first hour speaking to Paul, it was obvious that his capabilities, imagination and thought process far exceeded a good fancy & classy website…as a company, we became excited about our online possibilities for the first time.

We spent our time with Paul discussing the normal objectives, design, targeted clientele, etc, And that’s what we expected…but it was just the beginning. Where Paul really stood out from others is his genuine interest in the business, the business process, and what tangible deliverables are that make us a better company. Once Paul understood what we do, how we do it and why we do it he was able to promptly deliver a beautiful and structured marketing tool that has helped our online presence tremendously.

Rick Nordeen

I had a consulting session recently with Paul regarding my new startup in Nicaragua. His fresh perspective and outside point of view gave me great insight for things I need to work on. He helped me focus on my main priorities and my process. I have been integrating his recommendations into my work and it has increased my motivation. I definitely recommend him for business consulting. He is very smart, takes the time to think about things, and has a great way of articulating his advice to you. Thank you Paul!

Rosario Belli

As an entrepreneur, few things are as important to me as having expert resources on tap. Most of us walk in the same forest (small business), but travel on different paths. Paul has a unique gift that allows him to fly above the treeline and provide invaluable guidance. He has helped shape and influence many of the projects I’ve been involved with over the past few years, and each one was better as a result. If you’re looking for personalized, attentive service in a time of fly-by-night insights, look no further. I just can’t say enough positive things about the guy.

Cory Layton

“Superfine Bakery hearts Adventure PAUL! He’s helped us on numerous occasions with large site work (site overhaul, section development, sudden bug fixes that can take days) and every time he pulls us through. Thanks for making our business digitally viable, Paul! You’re the best!”

Andrea Boudewijn

“Adventure Paul has been a great resource for helping me to focus and structure my new business venture. He asks intelligent and probing questions, has me thinking in totally new ways, and is an inspirational genius! I haven’t met a young man as focused, enthusiastic, insightful, well-versed and educated… in forever. I thank the universe for bringing Paul to the networking meeting where I met him. He truly loves what he does, and when he’s in the zone… look out! It’s as if someone uncorked the champagne! Delightful!”

Lizabeth Sackett

Dr. Acton

“I met Paul in the fall of 2011. His brother and my husband were both running for a political office here in Fuquay Varina, NC. We met at an open forum here in town. Even though Paul was working for his brother’s campaign and his brother was a potential opponent, he could not have been more cordial and respectful to my husband and I. He had come here from California to work on the last few weeks of his brother’s campaign. I actually stood with Paul at the same polling place on Election Day, he supporting his brother, me supporting my husband. Sometimes politics can reveal a character of a person, either directly or indirectly. Paul never changed his demeanor both to me or my family, always polite and ALWAYS respectful. He greeted people at the polls equally with respect, regardless of their stance and viewpoints or party affiliation. One word I would say sums up Paul, is that he is a true gentleman.”

Jeanne Ridpath

“I met Paul in college, before he was publicly “Adventure Paul”. But even without the name, he was still the most adventurous and exciting person in my world. Some of my fondest memories of college were with AP, whether it was walking around at midnight before classes began to make sure we were the freshman who knew where we were going. Or meeting him after class in a different place every time because he insisted that we meet “where the sun shines”.

AP impressed me with how much he had already accomplished in the “real world” before college. And I was even more impressed when he decided to live in another country for a while (outside of a study-abroad program), because I had never known anyone who could or would take on that kind of challenge.

Paul is the type of person that has never met a stranger, something he no doubt inherited from his wonderful mother. I first met Paul when I walked past his open dorm door, and we immediately became best friends. No exaggeration. I think the next day one of us actually asked “hey, want to be my best friend?” And the rest is history. Paul is one of the most loyal and trustworthy friends that I know, not to mention one of the funniest. His lighthearted pranks in college are some of my happiest memories (for example, convincing me to take a rock to geology class because we were supposed to come prepared).

Thank you for all of the laughs and for your friendship, AP!”

Samantha Ruehl

“I met Adventure Paul during my adventure to American Idol. He introduced himself by asking if the hot lady (or something to that effect speaking to me) would take a photo of his friends and him with Elvis. Upon learning that I was flying solo this trip and nicknaming me “Mildred” (don’t ask me) he invited me to join his group and we wandered the streets, discovering some fun things (Coyote Ugly), some disturbing things (a blow up doll in the passenger seat of a random car), and some coffee of course! Meeting him and his friends helped to make my solo journey more memorable and it is always fun to see what cookie jar he has his hands into from day to day. A very ingenuitive and creative fellow. I wish I had your drive Adventure Paul! Best of luck and success to you my friend!”

Elaina Glynn

“I met a web developer/entrepreneur through an online freelancing site where I worked for him as his online assistant. It was really such a great experience working with this dynamic-enthusiastic- highly spirited-young-fun-and-awesome guy. Our working relationship ended long time ago but we became friends after that.

He is a genius. He has a creative mind which is full of great ideas. He is very determined to be successful in what he does and generous enough to share it with other people. He is a goal-oriented person who will do everything to reach his dreams. I know and I believe that, with his traits and positive attitude, he will be very successful soon!

He is one my closest friend whom I haven’t met in person yet. He likes to talk about 3 things: himself, business, and travel. He actually talks like a chic whenever we talk about his favorite topics. Some people who don’t know him very well may think that he is an arrogant and conceited. Well, I actually agree with them because that’s really him if you don’t know him well enough. But the child-like attitude of him, his great love for his family, his big heart to his friends and adventurous soul, definitely make him a great person of who, I am so honored to know and be friends with.

Oh, by the way, before I forgot, his name is Paul Drecksler!”

Mariella Mojar

“I met Paul on the back-edge of a trip performing during a cultural weekend in Atlanta. My life has often been a go-between education & non-profit management AND my work as an activist and artist. I was seriously considering some life change…feeling stuck with the unhappy comforts of job security, but an experience that wasn\’t enabling growth. An unlikely friend at a crowded Peachtree Starbucks and I shared space. He told me of his Adventuring and doing things to help others. The courage of it really shook me, having so many gifts to offer but being afraid i suppose to take risks (especially in the current economy). I\’m sure Paul\’s example enabled me to return to Houston, prepare to leave my job, and begin the life I now have in Chicago… still in Non-profit though as a Director trusted to make good decisions helping young LGBTQ youth (many homeless or castaways). My current position honors me as an intellectual, artist, and activist. Meeting people who follow their dreams can be contagious. Imagine a world where there was more of that? And the best part is… Paul still keeps in touch. He\’s a great guy to know and full of openness and wisdom.”

Tim’m West

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Paul as a friend for several years, and in that time we have had many “dreamer” conversations, outlining plans for new businesses, nonprofits, or adventures around the world. He has a kind, open heart and brings that spirit to all the work that he does as well. Bouncing ideas off of him has led to my own creative growth and “business thinking” – I really appreciate this guy!”

Avani Bipin Parekh-Bhatt

“While learning to design and build my own website, I emailed Paul to write a guest post for his website. Not only did Paul respond within the hour but he called me on the phone to teach me several things that I could do to improve my website. If Paul provides this level of service to a casual acquaintance I am sure he would do an outstanding job for whoever chooses to hire him.”

Devin Ratoosh

“Paul Drecksler was hired to create a website for my law firm. I was very impressed with the finished product. Paul took the time to understand what I was trying to accomplish with my website. He then built a website that reflected the business that my law firm was targeting.

Paul’s attention to detail was impressive, as he continually reviewed the site to make sure that all topics were covered. It is clear that he has a passion for what he does and that he takes his work very seriously.

Paul’s ultimate goal is to increase an attorneys clientelle, and the strategies he uses are creative and innovative. The site that he created for me far exceeded my expectations regarding growing my business and I continue to have Paul do updates.

If you are looking to increase your firms business, look no further than Paul Drecksler. It is refreshing to find someone who deeply cares about his work and whether his customers obtain profitable results from it. Paul’s customer service, knowledge of the industry and quality of work make hiring him a wonderful experience.”

Jason Wunsch

“Paul is great! The knowledge I have gained from Paul’s input in a high end mastermind group has been invaluable. He continues to add and coach with his wealth of unrivaled internet knowledge! Thx Paul!”

Steve Hofstetter

Nicole Durant

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