What is Oil Pulling? Plus Oil Pulling Before and After Pictures

Teeth Whitening KitAre you tired of spending thousands of dollars on teeth whitening products only to discover that none of them work? Does the cost of Crest Whitening Strips got you down?

Introducing the latest in psuedo-science health care.. Oil Pulling! If you enjoy telling your friends about the newest addition to the placebo health care marketplace–oil pulling is perfect for you. Amaze your friends and family with a household product that they never knew had incredible health results!

That was my first thought when I read about Oil Pulling on my friend Caleb’s blog YoungandRaw.com. However, since he’s not the type of person to publish psuedo-science garbage on his blog, I decided to keep reading since the results sounded fantastic.

The article led me to a website called OilPulling.com which explained the background of Oil Pulling and provided more insight into it’s benefits.

The most obvious result of oil pulling is improved dental health. Teeth become whiter, gums pinker and healthier looking, and breath fresher. That alone makes it worthwhile. What is really remarkable is that the health benefits don’t stop there. Many health problems, including those which medical science has yet to find cures for, are also improved or completely cured. Oil pulling has the potential to help with just about any illness or chronic condition.

I’m always skeptical of “cure all” treatments, but it was difficult to find any ill-reviews about the process online. There is no expensive book to buy, monthly program to sign up for, or anything that would give off a red flag. Also, there were tons of testimonials online including one from someone I respected. I figured, at worst-case-scenario, it could be a placebo, I’m out $5 for a bottle of Sesame Oil, and my breath smells like Asian food for a little while.

How To Oil Pull

The basic premise of oil pulling is as follows: You wake up in the morning, and before you do anything like drink water, brush your teeth, or eat, take a tablespoon of pure Sesame or Sunflower oil and swish it around your mouth for 20 minutes. The oil has a chemical reaction with your saliva and turns into a disgusting, toxic white substance by drawing toxins out of your body. Then you spit the gross substance out, rinse your mouth out with warm salt water, and brush your teeth.

Contrary to what you might tell your girlfriend, DON’T SWALLOW! You probably won’t die if you did so by accident because our body’s have immune systems that can fight off that small amount of toxic liquid, but it’s not a good idea. I’d probably puke if I tried to swallow a tablespoon of oil after it’s been swished around my mouth for 20 minutes.

It’s recommended to keep two separate toothbrushes (one for oil pulling and another for daily teeth brushing) because bacteria from the toxins can form on your oil pulling brush. It’s best to let that brush completely dry overnight before using it again the following morning.

For more detailed directions on how to oil pull, see the article at: http://www.youngandraw.com/oil-pulling-to-naturally-whiten-teeth-reduce-inflammation-and-detoxify-the-body/

The Benefits of Oil Pulling

Dr. Karach, a Ukrainian physician who spoke about pulling oil as a “remarkable treatment” at a conference of the All Ukranische-Union of the Oncologists (specialists for tumor diseases) and Bacteriologists, said the Oilpulling heals “head-aches, bronchitis, tooth pain, thrombosis, eczema, ulcers and diseases of stomach, intestines, heart, blood, kidney, liver, lungs and women’s diseases. It heals diseases of nerves, paralysis, and encephalitis. It prevents the growth of malignant tumors, cuts and heals them. Chronic sleeplessness is cured.”

Why are you oil pulling Adventure Paul?

I quit smoking back in November 2011 and my teeth have become several shades lighter in color. I used Crest White Strips occasionally, but only because my friend gave me half her pack for free. When I saw what they cost in stores, I knew I’d never continue using them. I’d rather eventually just pay for a laser treatment with a dentist.

When I came across Oil Pulling, I was very interested, like most people probably are, in the beauty benefit of teeth whitening. Since the side effects of the process are also beneficial to your health, I will give it a try for 30 days. I started three days ago on the day my 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge ended. I figure I’ll jump right into the next 30 Day Challenge. Since swishing oil around my mouth for 20 minutes when I first wake up isn’t exactly a challenge, I will probably couple Oil Pulling with another challenge as well.

Oil Pulling Before & After Pictures

6-29-2012 - Day 2 of Oil Pulling

BEFORE (6-29-2012 – Day 2 of Oil Pulling)

After about a week of Oil Pulling (averaging every other day of Oil Pulling)…



I notice a small difference in the color of my teeth, but I do not notice any other physical benefits yet. I’ve been working so hard lately (minus the 4th of July) that I definitely haven’t noticed an increase in energy! More thoughts to come throughout the month.



Yeah, I don’t know! I guess I want it to work, and I want to say that I’m feeling all these awesome results of Oil Pulling. But honestly, I don’t know. I don’t feel worse and that’s a good thing, right? I’m already (luckily) in pretty good health and so I wasn’t trying to go from Diabetic to eating candy again. I’ll keep going strong and see what’s up.


In fact, I’ll try to post a few photos throughout the month so we can see the results over the course of a week, 2 weeks, etc. I should have taken a photo before I started, but I forgot. I swear I noticed results after the first oil pulling session but it might have been my imagination. We’ll see together if this works or not.

I will also post any other results I experience. Does my skin glow brighter? Will I have less blemishes on my back? More energy? Carpel tunnel syndrome hurt less in my wrist? Will I sleep better? I will be as honest as possible in my findings and results, because frankly, I have no reason to lie. Before I recommend to try it or not waste your time, I’d like to see the results first hand.

Look forward to the After photos coming soon. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and RSS.

Update 4-29-2014: I was re-reading some of my old challenges and I realized that I never posted updates to this one. Honestly, it’s because I didn’t have much to post. I was just happy to stop swishing oil in my mouth each morning. I didn’t notice a significant difference in the color of my teeth, and I didn’t feel better or worse. Other factors in my life affected my vitality more than whether or not I oil-pulled (like what I eat, whether I exercise, if I’m happy/sad, etc). Looking back, that was a weird challenge, but who am I to judge? I’m a weird guy. Better challenges to come in the future! Thanks for reading though.

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  • Sheleana Breakell YoungandRaw

    Thanks for the plug on my post Paul 🙂 Glad you’re trying it out. I posted Seth Larrabees testimonial on the post because his dentist cancelled a root canal after just 1 week of oil pulling which Caleb and I thought was just awesome! We’re practicing oil pulling daily now and switch up between sunflower and sesame oil.

  • You’re welcome Sheleana. I enjoy your blog and am happy to tell people about it. Like I told Caleb though, not quite ready to go vegan! Oil Pulling seems like a good place to start living the Young and Raw lifestyle.

    I’m averaging about every other day with the oil pulling. I’ll post an updated photo today. Check back with me in a month and see my results! If you keep track of your results, send me the link so my readers can see some more Before & After pics.

    Love, AP

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