The Good Haircut

Ever since my last haircut (See: The Bad Haircut), I’ve been hesitant to get it cut again. I want to grow my hair out because it makes the ladies go wild–however, last time I went for a trim, the “stylist” at Master Cuts gave me a Mexican buzz cut. I had to start my hair growing over from a #1 guard buzz.

I searched Google for “Barbershop Los Feliz CA” and Rudy’s Barbershop popped up first.

[Rudy’s Babershop.– 4451 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles – (323) 661-6535]

I called and asked how much an adult male haircut cost. “25 without shampoo, 30 with a shampoo,” the front desk attendant said.

That was a good enough price for me to not call anywhere else. My guess was that the prices would only get higher from there and I did not want to spend all day calling barbershops trying to save $5. This place looked good online and was nearby.

Adventure Paul: “Do you set appointments or should I just come in?”

Her: “We don’t do appointments, but I’ll put you on the list if you’ll be here in the next hour.”

Adventure Paul: “I’ll take a shower and head on down!”

Her: “That sounds hot.. Do you want any company?”

Adventure Paul: “Wow, this really is a full service barbershop.”

(I made up the last two parts.)

Anyway, I drove to Rudy’s, which turned out to be a short drive. I could’ve walked–I prefer walking over driving when possible because this figure takes hard work. (See: How To Lose Weight Quickly Without Working Out)

Rudy's Barbershop - 4451 West Sunset Blvd - Los Angeles CA

I commented to the girl at the front desk that this place was huge! I had never been to a barbershop like this before. In fact, other than hair cutteries in the mall like Trade Secrets, MasterCuts, SuperCuts, and the Belk’s Salon… I had never been to a big salon before.

Rudy's Barbership - Men's Haircut Los Angeles

Lately I feel like a salon pro after watching countless episodes of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and felt confident I had chosen a good place once I walked in. There were no dust on the mirrors, cockroaches in the corners, dirty towels lying around, and the girl at the front desk wasn’t chewing gum. (That’s an inside reference for Tabatha fans.)

It seems I won the stylist roulette at Rudy’s when Kevin became the next available hair stylist. I told him about my last bad haircut and some other hair follies I’ve had, gave him minimal direction and said, “As long as it’s not buzzed, I give you full creative control. Make me presentable.”

Kevin has been in Los Angeles for 7 1/2 years after moving from Arkansas. His skills as a stylist are much more appreciated in a bigger city which is why he moved to L.A. I’m out here for a similar reason–the services that my Internet marketing firm provide are in very high demand out here in Los Angeles where the competition is high for every industry.

Kevin has also traveled to Thailand like me. We both went to Bangkok and Phuket during our visits but he traveled to cities in Northern Thailand while Dylan and I backpacked mostly in the south. While in Thailand, we both got to see the island where they filmed The Beach (2000) with Leonardo DiCaprio.

We talked about L.A. and how I might never want to leave. He seems to think people get hooked on this city, which is very believable in my opinion.

After 7 years, he has a lot of regulars, which is one of his favorite parts about the job. I told him later, “There’s a chance I might be one of those regulars too.”

Without further adieu, my new haircut:

Adventure Paul & Kevin at Rudy's Barbershop - Los Angeles

What do you think? Better than the last haircut?

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