When The Only Move Is To Humble Ourselves And Ask For Help


My friend’s boyfriend needs to break a one year lease on his apartment 2 months early. In his mind, there are a lot of valid reasons why he needs to break his lease… but of course, as humans, we rationalize everything we need to do.

She sent me a letter addressed to the property management company and asked if I could make it better. She knows that I am a licensed California Realtor with experience in landlord/tenant law.

During our first conversation (before she sent the letter) I got the impression that she thought I would throw in some real estate legal jargon to make the letter more powerful. But the truth is, her boyfriend has no legs to stand on in this negotiation. He is at the mercy of the property management company, or more specifically, the property manager in charge of the apartment complex.

Real Estate Video Home Tours [Business Idea]


A story about an idea. My thoughts on building a real estate video tour business.

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