How long does it take and how much does it cost in gas to drive across the country?

Drive from Los Angeles CA to Asheville NC

Here is my trip log from my recent trip across the country from Los Angeles CA to Asheville NC.

Urban Hiking Across Los Angeles

Paul and Narda - Ocean Drive, Santa Monica (The Finish Line)

I invented a sport called Urban Hiking. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

I love hiking–and walking in general. I walk about 4-5 miles a day on average. It’s great for contemplating thoughts, catching up on phone calls, and also helps me stay trim.

Here’s the story of Team Awesome’s 20 mile urban hike from Glendale to Santa Monica.

Marki Costello's How To Become A TV Host Boot Camp

Adventure PAUL & Marki Costello being silly

The second day was when we became superstar hosts. From day 1 to day 2, after a good night’s sleep, I had transformed into a better looking, Jewish, long-haired Ryan Seacrest. It was nice to think so at least, because this was the day we were to appear on camera.

2 Day Weekend Tour of Los Angeles with My Brother

My Apartment - Glendale, CA

It was Jason’s first time in Los Angeles. Since our time together was limited, I took him on a fast-paced action packed weekend tour. Our mom was kvelling over her two sons getting to spend the weekend together, so to include her in the trip, we posted photo updates on Facebook of almost every place we visited.

Destinations included Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, WeHo, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Griffith Park, Pasadena, Little Tokyo, Glendale, and Woodland Hills.

The Worst Massage Ever

You and me could have a bad massage

I went in for a simple massage and things went horribly wrong…

The Audience of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show

El Capitan Theatre - 6838 Hollywood Blvd

Here’s what happened when I went and saw the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Hollywood CA…

Batman Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

Here’s what I have to say about the Dark Knight Rises….

The Trio Reunion... 8 years later

UNC Chapel Hill

Last night I got together with Mark, the third member of The Trio. He was in Los Angeles for a work conference about some super scientific jazz. Scott and I met Mark and some of his work friends for dinner at Katsuya in Downtown Los Angeles. He hasn’t changed a bit.

Skeet Shooting - Preparation for the End of the World

Duck Hunt for Nintendo

Adventure Paul goes skeet shooting (clay pigeon shooting) for the first time and learns how to shoot a shotgun, preparing himself for the zombie apocalypse!

Making New Friends In Your Late Twenties

Cartman Quote about Friendship

Adventure Paul discusses what it’s like to make new friends in his late twenties and the benefits of being an adult.

How To Get Chelsea Lately Tickets

Chelsea Lately Show - Los Angeles CA

Adventure Paul recounts his tale of when he sat in the audience of the Chelsea Lately Show in Los Angeles CA. Guest appearance by Nelsan Ellis, an actor best known for his role as Lafayette Reynolds on HBO’s True Blood

My First Haircut in 15 months

Haircut Cartoon

Adventure Paul gets his first haircut since March 2011 with Deanna Harkess, a hair stylist in White Oak CA. Tell him what you think of his new do.

Santa Monica Stairs

Adventure Paul at the top of the Santa Monica Stairs

Adventure Paul runs the Santa Monica Stairs, a well-known exercise landmark in Santa Monica, CA.

Free L.A. Lakers Tickets

Adventure Paul & Scott at the Laker vs Bobcats game

Adventure Paul goes to his second NBA basketball game ever–Lakers vs Bobcats at the Staples Center.

How Do You Get Away With Looking Like That?

Beverly Hills Rooftop Pool

My first job was to pass out appetizers–pork/sausage stuffed mushrooms and fried mozzarella balls. I was starving come 7pm because I arrived way too early to the event and ate way too early of a lunch that day. I immediately figured out that I could eat one appetizer off each tray before leaving the kitchen and space the rest of them out so no-one would notice. I started working very quickly, hurrying in and out of the kitchen and dispersing my appetizers so I could run back for more.

Hitting Up All The Green in L.A.

View from Binoculars at Griffith Park Observatory

One of my missions while in Los Angeles is to hike at every green area on Google Maps within a 30 mile radius of L.A. So far I’m off to a good start. Check out some of the places I’ve been.

1000 Ways to Die

Nicole Durant and Adventure Paul

Adventure Paul stars as an extra on Spike TV’s award winning show 1000 Ways to Die.

The Good Haircut

Rudy's Barbershop - 4451 West Sunset Blvd - Los Angeles CA

Adventure Paul gets a haircut at Rudy’s Barbershop in Los Angeles CA.

A Ghost Story in Bakers CA - Part 2: Chicano David

Adventure Paul in a Haunted Bathroom

A follow up to Adventure Paul’s Ghost Story in Bakers CA.

New Adventure Paul T-Shirt

Frank Lopez, Adventure Paul, Chablis Carmona

Check out the new Adventure Paul t-shirt!

Write Me A Letter

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