Street Advertising - The Photo Poster Experiment

Thank you for visiting my website. You might have arrived here because you scanned the QR Code on my street advertisement, you Subscribe to my blog, Like me on Facebook, or Follow me on Twitter. However you arrived, I am happy you’re here.

I am experimenting with a new method of marketing my web development business called Street Advertising. Take a look at the first attempt below:

Need A Website - Street Advertisement

My thought process:

Step 1: If I post hundreds of this advertisement for websites around town, I will reach more people who potentially need a website than a web developer who doesn’t do this. Simple statistics.

Step 2: If I post this handsome photo of myself on the ad (courtesy of Maggie West Photography), I might attract more folks to stop and view the advertisement than if there was no photo. A picture adds a personal touch and let’s you see who you’ll be speaking to if you call.

Step 3: Asking a question, “Need a website?” will hopefully make the viewer think “Yes. I do need a website.” The ad wouldn’t be as effective if it just said “Websites”. Asking a question lets the viewers decide for themselves and puts them in control of their next action. (Which might be to laugh at me and deface my poster with a permanent marker.)

Step 4: A call to action. There are two on this poster. Can you spot them? The first is simple.. just says “Call (828) 273-3031″. The second is more obvious, it’s next to the hand gesture of a person taking a photo with their mobile device. The thought bubble reads, “Take a picture of this advertisement so you remember the phone number and website.” I hope that this proves to be an effective call to action for remembering this ad. Taking a photo with your phone is also a good way to remember which level in a parking garage you left your car.

Step 5: The QR Code. I don’t personally use these but I see them everywhere. Seeing how many folks end up on this blog post (which is where the QR Code leads you) will help me judge the effectiveness of QR Codes. Perhaps there is no reason to use it since I provide alternate means of reaching me like my phone number, website, and Facebook/Twitter profiles. Let me know if you got here via the QR Code.

Step 6: Get out there and post some ads on the street! Places to hit: magazine racks, lamp posts, vacant storefronts, prostitutes (good street exposure), benches, and store bulletin boards. This is hands-down the most important step of them all. “A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

Now that you’ve read about my methodology for this advertisement, one important question remains…

Do you need a website?

Here are some examples of my work:

I advertise my services at

What do you think of my first Street Advertising? What would you do different? Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below.


Adventure PAUL

Update 5/7/2013: Note that I now advertise my services at versus my old website which now forwards to this site.

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  • Heidi D

    This is super cool, brilliant, & EFFECTIVE!

  • AdventurePaul

    Thank you sister.. time will tell it’s effectiveness. 

  • AdventurePaul

    So far, as of 5/31/2012, I’ve done 2 rounds of “street advertising” using this poster. I’ve received over 10 phone calls and converted 1.5 jobs (the half job is because it was a small job). With those two jobs alone, the time and energy put into this has paid for itself. Will post more updates in the future. 

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