Is Ashley Schaeffer BMW a real place?

Yes… and I found it. Ashley Schaeffer BMW is best known from the show East Bound and Down which is about Kenny Powers, a professional baseball player who fell from his thrown and is dealing with the reality of living a normal life in a small town. The show was filmed in Wilmington NC and Ashley Schaeffer BMW is the actual name of the establishment on New Centre Drive. Click here for directions to Ashley Schaeffer BMW.

In the television show, Ashley Schaeffer is played by Will Ferrel, who is also the executive producer. It’s freaking hilarious–I’ve watched the first (and only) season 6 times in 10 weeks. Before you go thinking that I am a TV junkie– I usually have a show playing in the background while I work on my computer… keeps me company.

Update: They are now making new seasons of East Bound and Down.

Yesterday I visited Ashley Shaeffer BMW with Hayley and Drew, but the ladies from East Bound and Down weren’t there. Instead this gentleman staged a car deal–but I was careful not to sign anything for real. I don’t need a luxury car–I BM enough without the W.

He came out as we were leaving and gave me a key chain because I kept asking for free Ashley Schaeffer stuff. It was right after he saw me take these photos:

Ashley Schaefer BMW 1

Hayley and Adventure Paul @ Ashley Schaeffer BMW

Take two. Hayley hates when I wear shirts in photos with her.

Ashley Schaeffer BMW 2

Hayley and Adventure Paul @ Ashley Schaeffer BMW

Thanks for reading. Keep checking back in–I’m going to post an awesome photo at the beach from earlier that day, before we visited Ashley Schaeffer. I hope you enjoyed your weekends.


Adventure Paul

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  • Emily Yaffe

    Alright next stop Reno!!! Reno 911 not actually filmed in Reno except for the landscape shots. But it is Meth addict capitol here. Woot!

  • Woot!

  • The other day I circled “Reno” in red Sharpie on my USA map. The wheels are in motion, but boy is Reno far away from Vegas.

  • woot

  • Ashley Schaeffer

    That’s why you see my name on the building! Woooo.. Wooo.. Woo –

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