Homer - An Adventure Paul Original Painting



This is Homer. I created this timeless work of art. It is my portrayal of legendary TV icon Homer Simpson. What do you think? Homer took three weeks to plan and 2 hours to make.

I started with a trip to Goodwill where I picked up random odds and ends for a window garden I was creating in my old apartment in downtown Asheville NC a couple years ago. Part of a shelf I purchased came with little metal squares which acted as compartment separators. I removed all those and knew I had to do something cool with them.

A week later I was at Michael’s, an art supply/craft store, and purchased a wooden foundation. I took 1/8″ nails and lay them across the wood like shingles on a roof. Now.. what to paint? For three weeks I contemplated painting a train, a Model T Ford, something “industrial”. Then one day it hit me, and 2 hours later–Homer.

Here’s a close-up so you can see the nice wooden canvas I used.

I had one metal square left over so I painted Big Slick:

The rest of the junk I bought at Goodwill turned into this window garden:

At night it transformed into this:

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