Free L.A. Lakers Tickets


Staples Center, Los Angeles CA

No, no, no.. not for you.. for ME!

My business partner has family members with season passes to the Lakers. Last night a once in a lifetime opportunity came about–they had an extra ticket for MEEEEE!

Scott’s my business partner with our California Real Estate company. We also live together and have been best friend’s since college. Lately, at 27 years old, I haven’t been sure what to refer to him as or introduce him as.

For example, if I mention Scott in conversation to a stranger, and I say “best-friend” it sort of makes us sound like we’re 12-year-old girls with BFF necklaces (he has half and I have the other). And if I say “roommate” it makes us sound like we’re Bert & Ernie with twin beds 5 feet apart in the same bedroom. If I leave off the word “business” and just say “Scott’s my partner”–it makes us sound.. you know. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” So for now.. “business partner” works.

Adventure Paul & Scott at the Laker vs Bobcats game

Adventure Paul & Scott at the Laker vs Bobcats game

This was my second NBA basketball game that I’ve ever attended–the first was Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors when I was a kid. Vince Carter was my hero back then.

Since I live in L.A. but am from North Carolina, who should cheer for? The decision was easy when I found out that Raymond Felton (my favorite player from UNC) no longer played for the Bobcats. Also I was surrounded by Lakers fans. Also, there wasn’t a single Bobcats fan in the entire stadium. 20,000 people went silent on every basket a Bobcat player made–including the awesome dunks.

It might be quite some time before I sit this close to the court again. 5th row tickets behind the basket.

Row E Seat 2 Tickets To the Lakers

Row E Seat 2

I felt like Ari Gold and Vincent Chase in that one episode of Entourage.

Entourage - Ari Gold & Vincent Chase at Lakers Game


This is Luke, Scott’s cousin, who has been to more Lakers games than he’s had birthdays. This kid is awesome–we agreed that we wish the Lakers Girls had numbers like the players so we could pick favorites.

Luke and Adventure Paul

Luke and Adventure Paul

The only non-basketball player celebrity I saw was Johnny Galecki, who played the character David on the television sitcom Rosanne plus some other roles.

Johnny Galecki aka: David from Rosanne (Darlene's Boyfriend)

Johnny Galecki aka: David from Rosanne (Darlene's Boyfriend)

So other than Adventure Paul and Johnny Galecki, there weren’t any other celebrities that I could see in attendance to the Bobcats game.

Look how close we were..

LA Lakers Game

During half-time I went to the bathroom and when I walked out this girl was on a microphone saying “Who’s got a Verizon Wireless phone?” I did!

Verizon Wireless Girl & Adventure Paul

Verizon Wireless Girl & Adventure Paul

I showed her my Motorola Android, then danced around a little as if I was on the Price is Right, and I won two prizes: A Lakers Beer Koozie and Verizon Wireless sunglasses.

LA Lakers Gear

LA Lakers Gear

Thanks Scott’s family for taking me!

That’s the end of my story. To get your free Lakers tickets.. my only advice is to make awesome friends like I did. Go Paul!

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