All About Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

A comprehensive article with FAQs about mTurk. I focus on how businesses and workers are using and benefiting from the marketplace.

4 Ways To Personalize Your Facebook News Feed

Personalize Facebook News Feed

Here is a video I created as part of my new Ideas section that shows you 4 ways to personalize your Facebook News Feed. Plus the video includes 1 new way to personalize your FB News Feed, which I invented, called the Facebook “Fuck That” Filter. It’s not a real method, but it should be. Let me know what you think in the Comments section.

1 BIG Reason Why Physical Copies of Books, Music, and Movies Are Better Than Digital

Physical Books vs Digital Books Meme

As of right now, Nov 3, 2014, it is better to purchase a physical copy of a music CD, DVD, or book for one big reason: You own it.

  • If you own it, you can resell it when you’re finished using it.
  • If you own it, you can use it on multiple devices that play it (for music and movies).
  • If you own it, you can give it to someone else later as a gift.
  • If you own it, your wife or kids can inherit it after you die.

Things To Know About Living and Working Remotely in Costa Rica

Adventure PAUL in Costa Rica

Before you take off to the beautiful beaches, tropical forests, or central valley of Costa Rica, here are a few things you should know about living and working here.

How Do I Protect My Computer Data From Viruses? Plus Other Advice About Keeping Your Computer Safe

AP to the Rescue

Here’s a breakdown of how I keep my computer out of harm’s way. I hope that this post helps you protect your computer and the data on it.

What would Adventure Paul do?


Adventure Paul, what __________ do you use?

I get this question a lot, so here is a list of software and third party services I use to power my websites and online presence.

Best Wordpress Website Host for Blogging on Your Own Domain

Which Wordpress host should I use?

How do you choose a Wordpress host with countless website hosts on the market to choose from? Too many options if you ask me. The good news is that the majority of these hosts are complete garbage. In reality, there are only a handful of hosts that you should actually use if you power your website with Wordpress.

In this article, I will recommend and review three hosts:,, and

WARNING: Are You E-mailing Your Customers Without Their Permission?

E-mail Marketing Software

Occasionally I receive commercial e-mail solicitations from companies whose lists I never subscribed to. There are rules that must be followed with regards to e-mail marketing. These rules are dictated by The Bureau of Consumer Protection and were created with your best interests in mind.

Without these rules, can you imagine what your Inbox would look like?

When a small business sends an e-mail message advertising their products or services, I don’t get upset. They often don’t know the rules. I will sometimes write a nice e-mail informing them of their mistake and offer my services.

Here’s a recent e-mail and my reply.

Why Verizon Wireless Death to Unlimited Internet Hurts Everyone


I am disgusted by recent telecommunications companies actions to get rid of unlimited wireless data for mobile customers, especially Verizon Wireless, who is supposed to be the leader of the pack. By moving away from unlimited data and limiting mobile Internet use to those who can afford it, I feel we are taking steps backwards and slowing technological growth.

What is Zurker? A Social Network You Own

Zurker Logo

A new social network has popped up called Zurker. What is Zurker? Is it just a poorly crafted Facebook Copycat? Is it MySpace with a fresh set of paint?

Beautiful Image Asheville

Beautiful Image Asheville

I just finished building a website for Beautiful Image Asheville, a new business that specializes in micocurrent facial and body sculpting. It is located within the Acton Family Chiropractic office on Patton Ave. You can view the website at

What is the difference between and

Wordpress .com vs Wordpress .org

This article explains the differences between and so bloggers can understand the value in self-hosting their blogs with their own domain name instead of using a sub-domain like “”

Why do successful blogs need their own domain name?


This information is for bloggers who currently use a sub-domain such as “” I’m going to assume that by reading this article you would like make your blog more successful. To me this means building an active readership and subscriber base by writing informative articles that yield high search engine placement. I’ll also assume you are open to the idea of making money with your blog too.

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