Batman Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

Here’s what I have to say about the Dark Knight Rises….

Happy 26th Birthday Dylan

Super Dylan - 9th grade

Happy 26th Birthday to my best friend Dylan.

Brett Favre - What Should I Do Parody Video

ScreenHunter_05 Aug. 23 13.37

Brett Favre parody video What Should I Do based off of the Nike Basketball Commercial with Lebron James.

Tom Hanks in Splash (1984) - The Mermaid Movie

Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah in Splash (1984)

A short recount of the Tom Hanks movie Splash (1984) by Adventure Paul because I watched it this morning.

As Seen On TV Adventure Paul


Recently I starred in a commercial with well-known Actress Nicole. I had to apologize afterwards to her and the other seasoned actors on set for “stealing the spotlight”–but put a camera in front of me and it just comes out. After my television debut I decided to become a full-time aspiring actor–that is, a food server.

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