Why Verizon Wireless Death to Unlimited Internet Hurts Everyone


I am disgusted by recent telecommunications companies actions to get rid of unlimited wireless data for mobile customers, especially Verizon Wireless, who is supposed to be the leader of the pack. By moving away from unlimited data and limiting mobile Internet use to those who can afford it, I feel we are taking steps backwards and slowing technological growth.

Quitting DropBox for Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive

Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Microsoft SkyDrive

I am switching from DropBox to Google Drive because it’s more affordable and DropBox wouldn’t work with me on a plan that fits my budget and storage requirements.

The Case Of The Locked Out Laptop

Locked Out Of Windows 7 Login Screen

“My wife’s former boss remotely changed the password on her computer and now she can’t get in to access her personal files. We need to backup her files and e-mails. Can you get her into the computer without a password?”

How To Get The Best Price on Wireless Service


Today I will teach you how to save money on wireless service through your current carrier. I recommend Verizon Wireless, but the advice in this article applies to any wireless provider (less pre-paid plans).

Real Estate Video Home Tours [Business Idea]


A story about an idea. My thoughts on building a real estate video tour business.

What is Smart Grid

Adventure Sam, Jenny, and Jason

One conversation in particular that caught my attention is when Jason told me where he works–at Duke Power headquarters in Charlotte. He explained to me what Smart Grid is and how it will affect the future of powering our planet. Smart Grid is fascinating and I’m going to briefly share the basics of what I’ve learned about this futuristic form of power consumption management. In addition I have discovered two videos from Duke Energy that I will share below that explain the fundamentals better than I will.

Photoshop Effects – The Basket Weave Photo

Basket Weave Justin

Check out this photo I made while learning new Photoshop skills. I appropriately call it “The Basket Weave Effect” because that’s what it looks like. It’s a cool effect, but I can’t think of any applicable reasons to use it in advertising.

Write Me A Letter

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