Peters Pick #8 - Hard Times by Baby Huey

The Baby Huey Story

Listen to this awesome song by Baby Huey called Hard Times. This is Peter’s Pick #8.

Peter's Picks #7 - YOU by Marvin Gaye


We’re worlds apart, so close yet worlds apart So we must hide the love we’re feelin’ in our hearts

Hey friends.. What’s going on out there in the world? I feel like life has been passing me by lately and I apologize for the lack of new adventures. This is a perfect opportunity to

My Sister's Debut Music Video


Check out my sister Heidi D’s first music video for her new song Follow You Down.

Facebook Stalker Song

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 23 13.31

Here is a video about a guy (played by Adventure Paul) who becomes obsessed with a girl he’s too embarrassed to speak to so he goes home and Facebook stalks her.

Right Now - PeterJay ft. Heidi D

Right Now - PeterJay ft Heidi D - Screenshot

My musically talented sister, Heidi D, recently guest starred in PeterJay’s new music video Right Now. She just sent me the video a few moments ago and I couldn’t wait to post it.

Happy 26th Birthday Dylan

Super Dylan - 9th grade

Happy 26th Birthday to my best friend Dylan.

Peter's Picks #6 - Iko Iko performed by Dixie Cups


Peter’s Pick number six, Iko Iko, is a song originally written by James “Sugar Boy” Crawford about two Mardi Gras Indian tribes who collide during a parade. It was recorded by The Dixie Cups in 1965 and since then by Cyndi Lauper, Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews, and at least 10 other artists.

Many people

Peter’s Picks #5 – Hey Girl by Wiz Khalifa

ScreenHunter_10 Aug. 23 14.34

Peter’s latest pick is by rapper Wiz Khalifa. I think the song is okay–not the best but not the worst thing I’ve ever heard. But they aren’t called Peter’s Picks because I picked them, love them, or hate them–my best friend chooses them.

Heidi D’s New Song – Pay To Be Bad


This just in Adventure Paul readers… My sister, Heidi D, has written a new set of hot lyrics. Her most recent song “Pay To Be Bad” puts new lyrics to an old gangster rap song by Purple City Byrd Gang. I think Heidi’s version is better don’t you?

Peter’s Picks #4 – I Was Made To Love Her by Stevie Wonder


You’ve done it again Peter McGillicutty! I figured if I waited long enough that some of my favorite songs would appear in his picks–and I did not have to wait long at all. Today’s #4 Peter’s Pick is one of my all time favorite songs. In fact, it is one of only two songs that I’ve ever sang (or is it ‘sung’?) at karaoke.

Peter’s Picks #3 – Expressway to Your Heart by The Blues Brothers


It’s time for Peter’s Picks #3 – this is already an amazing section of the website. I can’t wait to see how it progresses. His third pick is Expressway to Your Heart by The Blues Brothers

Peter's Picks #2 - If You Want Me To Stay by Sly and the Family Stone


I couldn’t wait to post the second Peter’s Picks since I posted the first–which was You Send Me by Sam Cooke. This next song I can’t get enough of. Peter G-Chatted me and said “Here’s a link to my new obsession. Play it 500 times.” Here is If You Want Me To Stay by Sly and the Family Stone.

Peter's Picks #1 - You Send Me by Sam Cooke


My best friend Peter has excellent taste in music–I didn’t used to feel that way when we were kids, but he was ahead of his time. Every once in a while he becomes obsessed with a song and plays it 150 million times. I usually love these songs so I am starting “Peter’s Picks” on Adventure Paul to share them with you.

Great Blue Ridge Talent Search at White Horse


Last night Hot Neile and I went to White Horse in Black Mountain to watch Jennifer Smith perform. Jennifer recently won 1st place at the Great Blue Ridge Talent Search Competition. The other performers were her runners up. We arrived during the intermission and caught the second half of the show. I tried to record one song from each performer–but my memory card became full. I’m always running into camera follies. I need some better equipment. Cannon, I know you read this blog, will you send me a EOS 5D Mark II? I’ll officially make the caption of every picture “A Cannon Camera Photo”

Lady Gaga Naked Photos


Since he posted his Paparazzi cover on Youtube a few short weeks ago, his video has been viewed over 25 million times–100 or so views from me. It’s hard to hate–Greyson did a sick cover of Lady Gaga’s song. It makes sense that Ellen immediately invited him to perform on her show and signed him a week later–because in a few more short weeks puberty will strike it’s heavy hand on Boy Chance and America might not like his voice as much.

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