The Worst Massage Ever

You and me could have a bad massage

I went in for a simple massage and things went horribly wrong…

What Would My Porn Name Be?

What is my porn name?

My porn name would be…

Facebook Stalker Song

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 23 13.31

Here is a video about a guy (played by Adventure Paul) who becomes obsessed with a girl he’s too embarrassed to speak to so he goes home and Facebook stalks her.

Perils of a Jewish Upbringing


A funny story from a Jewish guy named “John”

Lucky Bastard Demotivational Poster

Lucky Bastard - Demotivational Poster

Everyone has seen demotivational posters by this point–they populate all over the Internet. I made my first one yesterday. Hope you enjoy.

Bad Word in Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Finding a cuss word on Wheel of Fortune is as difficult as finding a bad word in a CAPTCHA. I found one though–contained inside another word. The perfect combination of spins, purchased vowels, and players caused the word “ASSES” to appear on tv next to Vanna White for a few seconds.

Write Me A Letter

Dear Adventure PAUL,