Why I Unsubscribed From Business Insider

ScreenHunter_45 Feb. 27 18.53

As if the click bait headlines and borderline news wasn’t enough, this is ultimately the straw that broke the camel’s back. I quit Business Insider after my Facebook News Feed today.

Did you read about the color of that dress?

ScreenHunter_34 Feb. 27 18.51

If not, here’s what you missed on Facebook today about the Black and Blue or Gold and White dress.

The Worst Massage Ever

You and me could have a bad massage

I went in for a simple massage and things went horribly wrong…

What Would My Porn Name Be?

What is my porn name?

My porn name would be…

Facebook Stalker Song

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 23 13.31

Here is a video about a guy (played by Adventure Paul) who becomes obsessed with a girl he’s too embarrassed to speak to so he goes home and Facebook stalks her.

Perils of a Jewish Upbringing


A funny story from a Jewish guy named “John”

Lucky Bastard Demotivational Poster

Lucky Bastard - Demotivational Poster

Everyone has seen demotivational posters by this point–they populate all over the Internet. I made my first one yesterday. Hope you enjoy.

Bad Word in Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Finding a cuss word on Wheel of Fortune is as difficult as finding a bad word in a CAPTCHA. I found one though–contained inside another word. The perfect combination of spins, purchased vowels, and players caused the word “ASSES” to appear on tv next to Vanna White for a few seconds.

Write Me A Letter

Dear Adventure PAUL,