Uncle Paul Fun Day

Uncle Paul Fun Day

Last weekend I visited my family in Fuquay-Varina, NC and I spent a day having fun with my niece, Brookelyn. Here’s the video of our adventure.

New Adventures Begin Every Day


Looking at life as an adventure is like opening a pandoras box. I realized that I am far from done with starting new adventures. The last year of my life has been one of the greatest, and I’m blessed to share these experiences with my loving family. This, however, is just the beginning. – Adventure Jason

The Trio Reunion... 8 years later

UNC Chapel Hill

Last night I got together with Mark, the third member of The Trio. He was in Los Angeles for a work conference about some super scientific jazz. Scott and I met Mark and some of his work friends for dinner at Katsuya in Downtown Los Angeles. He hasn’t changed a bit.

Making New Friends In Your Late Twenties

Cartman Quote about Friendship

Adventure Paul discusses what it’s like to make new friends in his late twenties and the benefits of being an adult.

My First Best Friend

Steffon Montgomery and Paul Drecksler

In loving memory of Steffon Montgomery. 12-1-1987 to 4-27-2012.

Happy 26th Birthday Dylan

Super Dylan - 9th grade

Happy 26th Birthday to my best friend Dylan.

Rest in Peace Cousin Joanie


I’d like to speak kind words about someone special to me who has passed on. My cousin Joanie Harris was like a Bubbi to me growing up and I will miss her greatly. Some of my fondest memories visiting Miami Beach as a child were with Joanie, her husband Joe, their children, and grandchildren. My condolences go out to all of my family.

An Evening with John Paul Strain

Wunsch Family and John Paul Strain

A guest story by Adventure Jason who recently met the renowned American Civil War artist John Paul Strain.

My Best Friend’s Wedding


Pictures from Samantha & Aaron’s wedding this past Sep 25th in Raleigh NC.

Asheville Chiropractor Speaks on Healthy Living


I attended a dinner hosted by Dr. Acton, a local chiropractor who owns Acton Family Chiropractic off Patton Ave. The health and wellness seminar was called “How to live to be 100” and was an introduction to natural healing and the benefits of chiropractics.

An Afternoon with Patrick Kinkade

Patrick Kinkaid and Family

You never know what you’re going to find in a small town, and sometimes it will surprise you.

The Tony Gwynn Strike Out


Adventure by my brother Jason. I did a rare thing Monday night and left work early. I was going to spend a night with my family and a few friends watching a Durham Bulls Baseball game. However, what made me pick Monday was that one of the biggest baseball stars from childhood , Tony Gwynn would be present. The online story had proclaimed that Baseball Hall off Famer Tony Gwynn, one of the biggest hitters of the 80’s and 90’s would be present at the Durham Bulls Baseball Complex signing autographs and taking pictures. This was to be done from 6 P.M until 8 P.M.

Courage Classic Ride July 31st


Courage Classic is a three day, 157 mile ride with over 10,000 feet of mountain climbing. My friend Jordan Fleuriet is participating this year. Jordan has surpassed his personal goal of raising $400, however, his team could use some more support to reach their group goal. Jordan’s team, It’s Up To Us, is comprised of 129 other volunteer riders from this region.

Adventure Paul's BF

sam in hatttt

Samantha was profiled in the publication outlook – the magazine of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary because she is an outstanding Christian. Although I always thought of her as super-Christian (compared to this Jew)–it wasn’t until after college into her professional life that she truly accepted Jesus as an adult. Rather than summarize the article written about her–here’s a link. It’s on page 24 of the publication.

Adventure Paul and Actress Nicole


The past couple weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time with Nicole Lee Durant, an actress from Asheville NC, and also one of my best-friends since we were kids. First we built her a website to use as an online portfolio. Like most of the new sites I build, we built http://nicoleleedurant.com using a Wordpress content management system. This way she can update the site in the future herself, post new videos, pictures, and news updates.

Write Me A Letter

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