Batman Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

Dark Knight Rises Movie ReviewMaybe I built up Dark Knight Rises too highly in my head and set unreachable expectations for the movie. Maybe the second Batman movie was too big of an act to follow. And maybe I just hate when things (like Trilogies) end.

But maybe Dark Knight Rises just wasn’t that great of a movie.

Opening Day

Scott and I arrived at AMC Woodland Hills around 5:30pm because Ginger had called the theater and heard there was a line forming already. It turns out we had mistaken the line for the 6:00pm Batman Trilogy (where the theater places all three movies, concluding with Dark Knight Rises at midnight) with the line for the midnight showings.

I think the theater had like 16 different showings of the midnight premiere, and we had tickets for the 12:15am show. We left the theater to get some candy from Rite Aid and came back about 45 minute later. Lines had already started to form for all the different showtimes.

Dark Knight Rises theater line

Scott and I were first in line for the 12:15am. I took a cardboard box and wrote “12:15am Batman Line” in permanent marker to signify the beginning of the line. About an hour later, when another group got behind us, I started the hand numbering system.

First in line for Dark Knight Rises

Lots of people dressed up which added to the excitement. Seeing people dressed up as Bane was actually kind of scary. More so in retrospect after hearing about the awful occurrence that happened in Aurora, Colorado last night. My heart goes out to the families of the victims of the horrific shooting.

This group went all out…loved the joker costume:

People Dressed up for Dark Knight Rises

Batman and Bat Girl were cool too:

Bat Man, Bat Girl, and Adventure Paul

This one was pretty good, but I’ve never seen The Joker standing outside of a movie theater charging his cell phone:

The Joker at Batman Premiere

The hands-down winner of the costume contest last night was “Underwear Outside of Pants Kid”:

Batman Underwear Outside of Pants Kid

They opened the doors to the theater at 7:30pm so we went inside and claimed our seats. At first there were just about 10-15 people in the theater, each holding a seat for at least one friend. The girl behind us, left alone, was designated to save seven seats (almost an entire row). Scott and I (since we were #1 and #2) got the best seats in the house. “Middle, middle” we both strategized prior to walking into the theater.

Once inside and settled, people stretched out and got comfortable because we were going to be there for a while. One guy got a little too comfortable and took his pants off. I know it doesn’t look like it, but yes, those are Man Legs.

No Pants Guy at Dark Knight Rises

Scott brought his laptop, so we watched a few episodes of The Office on Netflix while we waited patiently for the movie to begin. By 10 o’clock the entire theater was full.

10 Things I Have To Say About The Dark Knight Rises:

SPOILER ALERT: I am going to discuss details of the movie. If you haven’t seen it and would rather be left to form your own opinion, you better stop reading now.

10. Almost everyone died? – I would have been happier if Bruce Wayne really died at the end. The ending would have made more sense. I understand that he’s a champion who never quits, come on. It’s one thing to survive the ass kicking of a lifetime by Bane and survive being stabbed by Raz Al Gul’s daughter, but it’s another thing to survive an atomic bomb exploding. Unacceptable!

9. The Prison – Only one person, Raz Al Gul’s daughter, ever escaped that fictitious prison? I LOVED the metaphor for life about how “without the ropes, Bruce was able to make the jump because there was nothing holding him back.” It was do or die. I just don’t believe that no-one else could escape. I could have been out of that prison in less than 24 hours if I took my time. Ladder anyone? You obviously have ropes, bars, chains, bedsheets, even a television and electricity! It just seems like someone would have figured out in all those years that there is a better solution to reaching that other ledge than trying to jump.

8. Cat Woman can ride? How did Cat Woman instinctively know how to get on that super motorcycle and ride like an expert stunt driver? One time, while on vacation in Florida, I turned left as hard as I could on a jet ski while going at full speed. I flew 50 feet from the jet ski, plummeted into the ocean, and lost the armband that held the key somewhere in the water. Cat Woman didn’t even break a sweat.

7. The bomb. Lucius Fox didn’t have a fail safe for that? In the last Batman, all he had to do was type his name into the computer and everything de-activated. Lucius didn’t think to build a system like that into a free energy device? Especially a free energy device that could be converted into a bomb in 3 easy steps? That’s unlike you, Lucius. You’re slipping in your old age.

6. Jumping Shark – Have you heard that expression before? It basically means that a tv show or movie escapes the rules of reality that it creates for itself. We already have to take a leap of faith that Gotham City and Batman exist, and that no-one can figure out that Bruce Wayne is the only person in the city who can afford cars and weapons like that, but I felt like Dark Knight Rises jumped shark when Bane took over the city, held everyone hostage for close to 5 months, and made the U.S. Army essentially work for him to keep people from leaving. I always wondered why the U.S. Government left terrorist attacks (like those in the first two Batman movies) in the hands of the local police department and a masked vigilante, but Dark Knight Rises took this concept too far. Not to mention there’s a UFO flying around U.S. airspace running a muck in Gotham City!

5. Wayne Enterprises lost a bunch of money and now Bruce Wayne is having his electricity cut off? I am to believe that Bruce Wayne and Alfred had all their assets invested in one company?

4. Old Men Get Tired – I’m 27 years old, and at 2 o’clock in the morning (in the middle of the movie), I was about exhausted. I don’t believe that Bruce Wayne, probably in his late 30’s or early 40’s at the time, could have crazy sex with Raj Al Gul’s daughter, and then dress up in the middle of the night and go be Batman for a while. When that scene happened, all I could think to myself was, “I would have been quite sleepy after that.”

3. The Batman Statue – How pissed off would you be if you were Batman, you saved an entire city of millions of people, and they built you a 1.2x life sized statue? I would be furious! I’d be like, “I SAVED all of your lives! See that building over there?” [Points to tallest building in the city] “Tear that down and build me a statue that size. I want this thing so big that the Statue of Liberty puts her arm down in defeat.”

2. The Police – So Commissioner Gordon has a military background? He’s a war fighter? Did they teach him in the military to send 3,000 police officers into the sewers and leave 2 men behind above ground? Why would ALL OF YOU go into a death trap like that anyway?! Who needs to send people down when your enemy is already trapped beneath the city in sewers? Block off the exits and smoke them out! Also, did they teach Gordon in the military to act like it’s the Civil War and have all soldiers come running in row down one street towards tanks and automatic weapons? Having zero war experience, I would have made better decisions. Come from different directions, maybe? Guerrilla warfare? Take control of one tank?

1. Overall, great movie and great experience. Shutup, I love Batman! I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD!

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