Hi, I'm Adventure PAUL

Life is short. Choose adventure!

I’m glad you’re here. I love making new friends and this website allows me the opportunity to connect with great people across the world just like you. Add me on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter where I’m fairly active and introduce yourself!

I love to travel, eat delicious food, and check items off my bucket list. To stay healthy I exercise 5 days a week, and I walk 5 miles a day.

Aside from traveling and trying new things, I think about business, sales, and marketing all day every day. My friends and family love to pick my brain about their businesses and careers because I am genuinely interested in their success.

I also love inspiring the people in my life to choose adventure!



1) The time I auditioned for American Idol even though I can’t sing.

2) When I guest starred on the TV Show 1000 Ways To Die

3) When I almost went to jail in a town no-one ever heard of before.

4) The month I lost 20 pounds all from my fat butt.

5) My best-friend’s birthday when I made him an extra special Happy Birthday video.

6) The night Cory and I ate at a haunted Denny’s and became possessed by ghosts. Then I returned to the Denny’s two years later seeking answers.

7) The time I starred in a TV commercial for a novelty gift product called As Seen On TV Hat.

8) When I sat in the audience of the Chelsea Lately Show.

9) First time I ever shot a shotgun when I went skeet shooting with Scott.

10) When a I grew my hair out from a buzz cut and donated it to charity.


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Adventure PAUL and Vin Diesel Adventure PAUL Zip Lining Adventure PAUL and Tim'm West Adventure PAUL and Reno 911 Lieutenant Dangle
Adventure PAUL and Drew Goff Adventure PAUL and Elvis Presley The Sexy Duo & Bambi Adventure PAUL and Cory Layton

How I Make A Living

Business is an adventure to me! Being an entrepreneur is my passion, hobby, and career all-in-one. I love helping other business owners become more successful.

My ideal Partner is success driven, open to new ideas, and able to make changes quickly and with no regret.

It humbles me to see what people are saying about me!

Here’s how to work with me.

I also write another great blog called Work From Somewhere where I teach by example how to build a profitable online presence.


I believe in what Zig Zigler says, “You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

This philosophy has helped shape my professional and personal lives.


I love having sunglasses on in my photos and videos because it makes me look cool.

I use a giant Android phone. I have a notebook and Sharpie with me at all times.

I could eat sushi every day.

I like me. I hope that one day we can have that in common.


MassiveQuantifiable Info

Driven over 62,000 miles of road tripping

3 siblings who are Jason, Samantha, & Heidi

Over 1,000,000 hands of poker played

Slept in a Chrysler Sebring for 2 months in Las Vegas parking garages

Has said 1,633,012 inappropriate things in this lifetime

Been to 6 countries and 33 U.S. States (and counting).

Watched EVERY episode of The Office (U.S.) at least 10 times each, less the most recent season.

Cries at most episodes of Parenthood

Has a 12 inch ego

2,000,587 people have read this far in my website

Hey there!

I’m glad you’re part of my life and I look forward to sharing my adventures, my successes, and even my failures with you along the way. We’ve got a lot to learn from each other.

Here’s how to reach me. I would love to hear from you! Be sure to add me on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter


Adventure PAUL

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